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How does a Magnetic Door Lock System Work?

A mag lock, also known as an EM or electric magnetic lock, is a type of lock that is commonly found in commercial buildings and that only unlocks when the proper credentials are presented.It can be unlocked remotely if linked to a switch or an EM lock, but can only be accessed with the right credentials. This lock provides high-level access controls and security, which can be used for the following:

  • Standalone and single doors
  • Emergency and fire exit doors
  • Electronic glass doors
  • Doors that serve as the main level of access control.

What are Magnetic Lock Parts?

Traditional door locks have a latch or a bolt that reaches into the door frame to lock. A magnetic door lock, on the other hand, does not have these; instead, it has an electromagnet and an armor plate. The electromagnet functions by creating a strong magnetic field using electricity. This can then be controlled by a switch that turns on and off the electricity.

A magnetic lock is a type of lock that provides high levels of security. They can be controlled manually or remotely; however, the correct credentials are required to unlock it.This is why they are a great choice for commercial buildings. If you want to install this lock, then AD Locksmith 24/7 has got you covered in Los Angeles, CA.

Magnetic Door Lock Installation & Repair Service – Top Choice Everytime!

A magnetic door lock is one of the best security locks out there. It has lived up to its name as one of the most secured electric lock systems. It is no surprise that a lot of businesses would opt for this type of door lock. Well, who wouldn’t want to make sure their businesses are safe and secure? Definitely, that is not a debate for any business owner. So, a magnetic door lock, then? AD Locksmith 24/7 has got you covered in Los Angeles, CA.

We have top professionals with many years of experience who are well versed in the latest happenings in the industry. We can help find a befitting door lock for your business building while ensuring you have proper security. A locksmith Los Angeles, CA, can install and repair any type of magnetic door lock. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we will be at your location to find out what exactly you need. Call us now, won’t you?

Advantages of a Magnetic Lock

There are many benefits to employing magnetic locks in establishments like offices, buildings, and enterprises.

Long-lasting and Durable

Moving components are absent from magnetic locks. They don’t jam, experience serious problems, or wear out over time like a conventional lock mechanism would.

Safe and Reliable

Nobody can pick or force open this lock, either. Locksmiths can instead install a magnet lock around vulnerable spots.

Easy Installation

The installation of magnetic locks is simple and takes a little while. The magnet and armature plate must first be set up at the entry location. The device must then be connected to the building’s electrical network by an electrician.


This type of lock is very user-friendly and has no complex operations. You don’t need keys for this type of lock either, but don’t worry; no one can pick it open or attempt to break into your home. However, someone on the inside can grant access to someone outside by just buzzing them in. It is a simple and secure approach because this procedure is safe and fast.

Testing an Electric Magnet Lock

Of course, if a device is not tested, installation is incomplete.Our locksmith can test the device after installation to ensure every part is functioning as it should. It is a simple process that is undertaken by our lock experts. Once the lock passes the test, you will be given the go-ahead to enjoy your door lock.

Magnetic Locks are Essential Security Features for any Business Building or Home

You would agree with us that, considering how this lock requires no keys, it is a simple yet secure alternative to traditional door locks. It can be used for your house’s front door locks as well as your business building. The fact that it cannot be copied or picked apart makes it even more secure. With this lock, you can rest easy knowing that your family and property are safe and secured. However, you need to contact a licensed and certified professional for the installation. Should you also require repairs, you can contact AD Locksmith 24/7 for the best services in the city. Call us now!

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